My Airbnb Experience in Puerto Rico

My best friend in the entire world was passing through a rough time. Fortunately my birthday was coming up, and we had promised each other a trip a few years back, and I decided to take advantage of this. So I texted my friend the date and the plan and said, leave the rest to me. I did not want to spend that much, but I wanted an experience that we would never forget; and if it snapped my friend out of the funk that had been following us in every conversation lately then even better. I started my search for vacation rental properties, then I thought beach vacation rentals sounds even better. We had always talked about this in particular, staying at a place that we could just walk and see the sights, somewhere we could relax and have a good time watching the sand end and the ocean begin.

The search engine was set on images and this beautiful crystal water picture came up from a place called Puerto Rico. Now I’m not afraid to explore, but I also wanted comforts keeping in mind that I wasn’t traveling alone, so this sounded perfect. Then I looked for vacation rentals in Puerto Rico, but I didn’t want the usual touristy trip, I wanted more. I refined my search for vacation houses for rent in Puerto Rico, and the answer appeared as if magic, Airbnb Puerto Rico. The options were just breathtaking, excitedly I made my choice and this place delivered all I had wanted and more. It was easy enough to make the reservation and there wasn’t much that I needed to do to prepare for the trip.

There were too many great things about this trip but what made it all come together was the place we stayed in. It was walking distance from the beach but near enough to the city in case we needed anything, just like I wanted. We had a few questions for the owner of the house and they were super helpful. Reachable but not bothersome, we felt taken care of. The locals welcomed us and treated us like long lost friends, the food was ridiculously delicious and culebra puerto rico prices were more than reasonable. I saw the rebirth of my best friend and that was just the best birthday present I could have given myself. My only regret was not having planned more days, I give Airbnb Puerto Rico a what does a property manager do twenty out of ten. We both loved it and decided that next trip would be either to homes to rent near me one of their lakes or mountains. If you have a chance to book with them don’t miss out!

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